On October 12, 1997, a charter was signed...

and New Life Christian Church officially began.  There had been gatherings leading up to this day, but with each signature, a commitment to God and His church was confirmed over and over again.

New Life began as "a safe place to begin your New Life."  It remains such a place today.  

New Life's goal was to be a people and a church who "love God, love one another, and love the world."  That continues to be our goal.

Today, everything that we do flows from a simple mission: "Reach the lost."

Things don't look the same as they did 25 years ago, going from a mobile church, to owning property, to building our first building and expanding that building, to our brand new facility completed in the spring of 2022.  

And the faces, they certainly aren't the same as they were 25 years ago.  Even the ones that remain have aged (just a little bit.)  

But we still gather each Sunday to worship as a church family.  We still stand firmly on God's Word.  We still believe that connecting with one another is a key aspect of spiritual growth.  We still take care of one another.  We still believe that caring for our community is our responsibility.  We still believe hard work is worth it, especially when God gets the glory.  We still pray for one another, love one another, support one another, and spur one another on.  

It's a privilege to be a part of the family that is New Life Christian Church.  And we're excited to celebrate our 25 anniversary October 8-9, 2022.  We hope you'll join us for some or all of the weekend!

In Christ,

Kraig Bishop

Lead Pastor