Current Message Series

This Sunday, we'll begin our message series, "Reasons."  There are many reasons people aren't interested in church or Christianity.  This series will help address some of those reasons.

August 25th - Why Would I Need To Go To Church?

September 1st - The Church Only Wants My Money.

September 8th - It's A Complicated Commitment.

September 15th - Christians Are Hypocrites.

September 22nd - I've Been Hurt By The Church.

Kickoff Weekend - August 24th and 25th

Join us the weekend of August 24-25 as we kickoff the fall!  We'll meet for a meal, fellowship, and lots of fun on Saturday at noon.  The meal will be followed by our 2nd Annual Kids Kickball Game and Adult Kickball Game.  On Sunday, join us as we kick off a brand new series, "Reasons," in all services!

Upcoming Message Series

We'll begin a new series on September 29th called, "When Life Gives You..."  Life seems to be so full of struggles sometimes, but with God's help, we can actually grow even through those struggles.  That's what we'll talk about in this encouraging series!

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